Ideas For Storage in your Tiny Living Space

There are numerous reasons people living in urban areas are downsizing their living space. Whether by choice or necessity, urban residents living in smaller homes are on the rise.

The tiny home trend has produced television shows like Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Builders. In order to hop on this tiny home trend, a lot of effective internal storage and external cheap self-storage units in Harker Heights need to be utilized. If you are looking to downsize or are trying to organize your current living space, below are some tips to help.

The first step to organization is optimization of your available storage. If you are downsizing from a big space, it is important to determine what you need, what you actually use, what you love and the size of these items. Some items may be to large to fit in your internal storage. For this reason, people looking to downsize benefit greatly from external cheap self-storage units in Harker Heights. Once you’ve figured out the items you are going to store internally, it is time to arrange your new space.

There are many options you can do in your home such as installation of hooks. mounted storage cabinets, shelves and drawer and closet organizers to make more room for your items. A neat trick is utilizing the staircase for storage by installing built in drawers. Lofts and the space under the ladder are other great storage options for those living in small apartments. Investing into convertible furniture is another great solution for more space.
For your kitchen, a hanging pot rack or wall storage organizer are perfect for making more cabinet space. You can also use baskets or shelving above the cabinets to store items you don’t use everyday.

Gather up your seasonal furnishings and head to the external cheap self-storage units in Harker Heights. These furnishings include holiday decor, lawn mowers, snow shovels, snow blowers and weed eaters. Contact us at Hubbert Storage for your storage unit needs!

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